Parent Champions

PEN has applied for funding for a project which will train parents to support the development of parental engagement in schools.

A consultation event about parent champions held in May 2017 was attended by 15 schools. Schools told us about the huge untapped potential within their parent body that they are currently unable to develop.

They thought it would be invaluable for PEN to provide direct training for parent champions. They all knew of parents that would want to be involved in the training and would benefit from the structure the project would provide.

Ethiopian Family Learning Group

In August PEN applied for funding to run family learning sessions specifically for Ethiopian families.

We planned to provide regular sessions for Ethiopian families to get together where parents and children met separately, and also came together to share family activities and Ethiopian food. Parents would get input, discussions and exercises to build their skills and confidence in relation to requested topics e.g. managing children’s behaviour, helping children to learn, legal responsibilities as a parent, accessing services. They would receive adapted PEN tip sheets, resources and activities to do with their children at home.

We were not successful in that round of funding but we have been invited to submit a further bid for funding in March.

We hope that this work will help us to better understand the issues facing different BME groups and to develop new materials appropriate for them.