• Active Families home learning resources.
    These home learning and parental engagement resources have been designed to help families to be active together.
  • Home Learning Resources 2
    These home learning and parental engagement resources will suit families of children in Early Years, Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Families can join in learning together. Children can do the activities independently. No special expertise is needed, there are no wrong answers, just get involved and have fun! The activities require little preparation so can fit into around family life. We have included links and more ideas; if the theme catches the child’s imagination they can explore further if they wish.
  • KS1 Traditional Tales
    A series of six stories with accompanying activities. The stories are all traditional tales and have been chosen to celebrate the important role of storytelling in all our communities.
  • KS2 Family Detectives Reading Project
    Helping parents to support their children's reading at KS2