EYFS Mouse Club

Supporting positive partnerships for learning between families and EYFS settings


Mouse Club supports the development of positive partnerships for learning between families and EYFS settings. Children receive a toy mouse as a transitional object before starting their educational journey.

The project gives parents and carers the opportunity to meet school staff as partners in their child’s development, sharing their knowledge of their child, their strengths and aptitudes.

Using the project framework and resources, staff support the families’ understanding of how their children learn and what they can do to provide a positive home learning environment. At stay and play sessions families are shown approaches to learning that they can support through fun activities both at home and in school.

Mouse Club is designed to be a flexible project that schools can deliver and adapt to suit the needs of their school community. The resources can be used with a ‘target’ group or universally.

Mouse Club consists of a project pack, downloadable resources, and a starter pack of 8 toy mice, 8 Mouse Club bags and 8 ‘My Very Own Mouse’ books.
The project pack includes activity cards, reward charts, leaflets for parents, and supporting materials like an “All About Me” booklet.
Additional mice, bags and books are available to buy individually.

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