KS1 Traditional Tales

A series of six stories with accompanying activities. The stories are all traditional tales and have been chosen to celebrate the important role of storytelling in all our communities.


The resource pack contains:

Guidance notes

A downloadable version of each story, that can be printed and folded into an A5 book;

QR code to hear the story being read aloud;

Activities that can be used with families at school or at home:

  • Story Sequence Cards –picture cards that can be used in a variety of ways to talk about and develop story ideas
  • Talk About:
    • Ideas of how parents can initiate a conversation about the story with their child
    • ‘Did You Know’ – facts related to the story
    • ‘Tell Us A Joke’–jokes related to the story
    • Other conversation topic inspired by the story
  • Play Out:
    • Active games adapted to characters/events in the story (e.g. “Monkey in the middle” for Piggy in the middle).
    • Other ideas for things to do outside
  • Make It:
    • Crafts related to the story (e.g. making and decorating a hat

This project aims to:

  • To provide flexible resources that can be tailored for use both in school and by families at home;
  • To scaffold a successful partnership in learning activity for school staff;
  • To give parents the opportunity to have fun and explore how they can support their children’s learning and development;
  • To develop parents’ confidence and understanding of the importance of speaking, listening and sharing stories with their children to support literacy development.

*note – this is a downloadable pack only.

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