There are two options of training for staff to run the nursery home learning  project. Staff can attend and half day or full day workshop.

The training is suitable for a teacher, TA or worker from a setting . We recommend sending two members of staff if possible.

Half day training includes:

  • identifying the aims and rationale behind the project
  • getting to know the playclub,FUN and explore materials and how to run effective workshops to introduce and model them to  parents
  • building relationships and supporting parents with the activities
  • developing an action plan for implementing and evaluating the project

Full day training includes all of the content of the half day course plus:

  • reaching out to and building relationships with disadvantaged families
  • looking at how to support parents  and overcome barriers to their engagement
  • reflecting on and sharing with other schools how strategies have been implemented

The cost of the training includes:

  • 10 F.U.N. maths activities and activity sheets, evaluation forms, certificates, record cards etc.
  • Detailed workshop plans
  • 5 tip sheets for parents
  • 8 Explore! activities and activity sheets with certificates,record cards etc
  • 8 exciting Playclub bags with fun activities on developing phase 1 phonics. Includes links to videos of parents doing the activities

This project was trialled as part of a randomised control trial and was found to be effective by the Sutton Trust and the Department of Education at Oxford University, according to a report being published on the Sutton Trust website.

It helped parents to do fun activities at home that supported their children’s learning and developed the confidence of staff to work more closely with parents. Nine schools from Greater Manchester were involved and of the 84 targeted families, 72 completed the project and many schools reported impact on the children’s progress.

The project  is  sustainable, with most of the trial schools continuing to use the resources once the project finished.

If you have a group of schools interested in this training we may be able to run it in in another area of the country: please contact us.