A project involving getting Mouse and children ready to start school. Schools or settings run workshops in June or July and give parents input and fun resources, tip sheets and sticker charts to help prepare their children for school in September.

Resource pack includes:

  • Workshop plans and resources
  • Tip sheets for parents on starting school.
  • Reward charts
  • Activities to do with Mouse to help language and physical development, good routines and independence skills
  • Evaluation tools
  • Teachers’ notes on running the project
  • A sample mouse, bag and book.


Training involves training nursery or reception staff (teacher and/or TA) to enable parents to better prepare their children for starting school in September. We recommend sending two members of staff if possible.

It will look at effective home visiting, building relationships, and running two or three workshops for parents in June or July.

It includes the full resources pack which includes parent-friendly resources such as tip sheets on toilet training, talking to your child,starting school, managing behaviour, routines and screen time. It also includes a toy mouse that the child has to get ready for school, activities to do with mouse and sticker charts for bedtimes, toilet training and behaviour.

Half day training course includes:

  • identifying the aims and rationale behind the project
  • exploring the resources and looking at examples of different ways they have been successfully delivered
  • input on how to facilitate effective workshops for parents
  • developing an action plan for implementing the project

Full day training includes:

  • reaching out to and building relationships with disadvantaged families
  • looking at how to support parents  and overcome barriers to their engagement
  • reflecting on and sharing with other schools how strategies have been implemented
  • developing complementary strategies such as home visiting
  • an introduction to the home learning project

Resources supplied by email as pdfs to be printed as many times as you need, please contact us to order mice, bags and books.



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