To access regular support for a range of staff schools in the Manchester area can become PEN members.

Benefits of membership include:

  • 3 free network meetings for staff
  • 2 free briefings for senior leadership
  • 3 free support sessions for staff working with vulnerable families
  • 2 free meetings for parental engagement co-ordinators
  • discounts on PEN training sessions and courses
  • free 30 minute telephone support with specific requests
  • free resources, case studies and templates on the password-protected Members Only section of our website
  • priority when applying for funded projects or other developments
  • free information for parents (e.g. holiday activities)
  • free training on particular topics e.g. dental health

PEN membership: £299
September 1st 2018 – August 31st 2019

Receive 3 free tip sheets when you join:

  • Helping your child to read
  • Helping your child to write
  • Helping your child to sleep

We are looking at developing networks in other areas or supporting others to do so. We are also exploring associate membership where schools nationally could access more online support and resources, and possibly an annual conference.

If you are interested in this please contact us.

These meetings are opportunities for staff with a specific role around working with parents (including teachers, parental engagement coordinators, TAs, PSAs and FSWs) to:

  • Get updated about news, opportunities, useful resources, contacts and links
  • Share what’s working well and issues they face
  • Focus on one or two specific current issues
  • Get input from local Manchester agencies that can support work with parents

Recent topics for network meetings have included changes to the benefits system, family learning events, families accessing museums and galleries, mental health issues, sleep, parenting boys, working with EAL families, use of volunteers, applying for school places, parents’ workshops on safeguarding.

Agencies that have input to network meetings include Money Matters (supporting families in debt), Self Help Services (supporting with mental health), Dental Health Team, Manchester Adult Education Services, Talk English (English courses for EAL parents), Just Psychology (working with BME parents) and Manchester Healthy Schools Team, Quality First (safeguarding and parents) and Manchester Museum.

Meetings are held every term from 9.15 – 12.00 – currently one in Central / South Manchester and one in North Manchester.

Some of the content of the courses is particularly related to Manchester but much of it would also be useful and relevant to schools outside the Manchester area.

We would consider setting up and running network meetings in other areas or supporting others to do so.

These are designed for senior leaders, to

  • give them brief updates about news, developments and opportunities
  • provide an overview of parental engagement
  • enable them to discuss key current issues and share practice in an informal and supportive environment
  • raise issues that PEN needs to address and enable PEN to consult on possible developments with senior managers

At recent meetings key issues discussed have included health and wellbeing, staffing parental engagement, bids for funding, research, transition, using apps to improve communication, Nursery pupil premium funding, parents’ councils, school readiness, and building support at a time of cuts.

Meetings are held every term for one hour – usually 9.30 – 10.30.

We would consider setting up and running senior leaders’ briefings in other areas or supporting others to do so.

These focus on support for vulnerable families and casework. They are designed for Family Support Workers, Parents Support Advisors and other TAs or staff involved in directly supporting families.

Topics for recent sessions have included

  • Attendance and behaviour guidelines
  • Supporting well-being
  • Agencies that can provide information and support for parents
  • Having the difficult conversation
  • Guidance re safeguarding
  • Early help
  • Strategies to support, coach and mentor families

Meetings are held termly.

We would consider setting up and running FSW meetings in other areas or supporting others to do so.

These meetings are designed for people who have a role coordinating parental engagement at their school. They include

  • Opportunities to discuss good practice and issues with other coordinators and to share contacts and resources
  • Input on issues related to coordinating parental engagement such as involving other staff, reviewing and developing parental engagement, developing action plans, consultation with parents, engaging parents in learning etc.
  • Updates about current developments and opportunities

They are held termly in the afternoon between 1.30 and 3.30.

We would consider setting up and running coordinators’ meetings in other areas or supporting others to do so.

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