This project aims to improve children’s reading levels, particularly their comprehension skills, help parents better support their child’s reading and improve parental engagement at KS2.

The programme is for Year 3, 4 or 5 children and their families. They work together (usually over 3 – 5 weeks) on an exciting challenge to solve a mystery, developing their comprehension, inference and questioning skills. The project starts and ends with workshops for the children and their families.


Highly successful project which has motivated children and parents to get more involved in reading and developed children’s comprehension skills.

The ½ day  training  session enables staff to try out the project for themselves and see if they can solve the robbery . It includes looking at how to recruit families, introduce the project, run the workshops, and evaluate the work. It discusses  different ways the project has been run and gives participants time to plan how they will implement the project.

Target audience: Year 3, 4, or 5 teachers; SENCos; teaching assistants.

Resource pack includes:

  • 8 assignments
  • a parents’ guide to the project
  • supporting resources such as letters, invitations, evaluation forms, label templates and a checklist
  • teachers’ notes on how to deliver the project successfully, with practical examples from schools
  • optional reading challenge to keep up momentum
  • CD-ROM with the resources so that the project can be repeated