What we do

PEN aims to:

Provide training, information, resources, research, projects, consultancy and support  to enable staff and governors from schools and early years settings to

· better engage parents and families in their children’s learning and healthy development, leading to improved achievement, attendance and behaviour
· develop parental and community involvement
· improve schools’ and settings’ practice in working with parents
· better record and evaluate this work
· facilitate support and structures to enable mediation, early intervention and signposting to other agencies for parents and families

Work with other agencies to provide information, training and resources for parents to enable them to

· support their child’s learning and healthy development and develop their parenting skills
· run effective groups and associations and get peer support
· develop their own skills and access opportunities
· ensure that parents’ voices are heard and that they are supported (for instance through mediation)
· get involved in schools and settings
· work as equal partners in governance and accountable structures
· access support and be signposted to appropriate agencies

Develop communication about parental engagement through networks, publications, a website, newsletters, training courses, conferences and other media to enable

· the sharing of good practice and partnership working
· the development of information and leadership
· the development of evaluation and evidence based research
· a range of agencies and structures to effectively consult with and engage parents

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