Moving Up for Primary Schools

Movin g Up

Supporting Year 6 children

£150 (£135 PEN Members) includes training and resources.

Resources for families of year 6 children about moving to high school—now available for primary schools. Includes 6 family activities and 4 tip sheets for parents on building self-esteem, coping with change, leaving primary school and getting organised.

Training looks at how to support families as their children leave primary school, including meetings and events.

The resources have been used very successfully with high schools (see below), and in response to requests from primary schools we are now making the appropriate resources available for them.

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Report on Phase 2 of the project

Impact of the project includes:

  • The Reddish Vale team revealed ‘astonishing’ Autumn Term 98% attendance figures for Year 7
  • Children reported increased confidence, settling in better, and more dialogue with their parents
  • Parental attendance at events increased markedly in some cases- for example over 90% attendance at both Flixton Girls and Byrchall, following the cultural shift to a more informal and accessible approach
  • Parents reported greater confidence in the school, better communication and stronger relationships
  • 73% of these 957 families who were given the summer activities completed most or all of them.
  • 84% of parents agreed the resources helped their child feel more confident about going to secondary school.
  • “The contact with the school staff is excellent. It’s the best I’ve had with all my children.” Mrs Grey compared transition and induction events favourably to those with her older children, which in comparison had felt stiff, formal and less welcoming, with little one-to-one time with teachers.

For a full report on the project please download the Moving Up broadsheet.

 Hear some of the other Phase 2 Moving Up schools talking about successful changes in how they have engaged parents