Mouse Club Transition Project (Nursery or Reception)

See here for the early years home learning project

Normally £250 (£225 PEN members)

Special offer £199 (£180 PEN members)

This involves  training  nursery or reception staff (teacher and/or TA)  to enable parents to better prepare their children for starting school in September.

It will look at effective home visiting, building relationships, and running two or three workshops for parents in June or July.

It includes exciting, fun parent-friendly resources such as tip sheets on toilet training, talking to your child,starting school, managing behaviour, routines and screen time. It also includes a toy mouse that the child has to get ready for school, activities to do with mouse and sticker charts for bedtimes, toilet training and behaviour.

Schools get:

  • Training for one or two members of staff
  • Workshop plans and resources
  • 7 tip sheets for parents and sticker charts for toilet training, bedtime, behaviour etc.
  • 12 Mouse toys and activities for parents and children to do with them
  • Evaluation tools

No upcoming training dates

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For more information please ring 0161 860 5039.